Welcome! Follow the links on the side column to view a list of my publications and presentations, my current research, and courses I have taught or am currently teaching. I have a recommended reading page that I update every so often (though it probably needs to be reduced to just a handful a favorites pretty soon) and a page on animal ethics that is still very much under construction. The overall website is actually in the midst of being relaunched under different hosting, so check back for a revamped layout in the coming months.

I graduated summa cum laude from the University of Central Florida (2007), receiving my BA with Honors in Humanities and a minor in Anthropology, and received my MA from the University of South Florida (2009) in Religious Studies. I previously held positions as an instructor at both of those institutions, along with Valencia College (see Courses Taught), but have taken a break from teaching to work on my PhD at the University of Denver in the Joint Doctoral Program in the Study of Religion (see Current Research for information on my dissertation and other projects). I also co-founded Nomos Journal in 2012 and served as its chief editor until its dissolution at the end of 2019 (follow link for archived content).

My areas of research interest include:
  • Philosophy and Religion in Popular Culture
  • Media and Critical Theory
  • Ironic Activism
  • Remix Studies
  • Pirate Politics
  • Religious Dimensions of Alcohol Production/Consumption
  • Apocalyptic Zombie Narratives
  • Absurdist/Existential Fiction
  • Animal and Environmental Ethics
Outside of my formal studies, I like to strum around on my guitar, mandolin, and ukulele, and slowly make my way up Colorado's 14ers. I love to travel, too. I've been a homebrewer since 2008 (and a connoisseur for much longer!) making beer, mead, and cider, and have been fortunate enough to win a few medals in brewing competitions over the years.