Welcome! Follow the links on the side column to view a list of my publications and presentations, my current research, and courses I have taught or am currently teaching. I have a recommended reading page that I update every so often (though it probably needs to be reduced to just a handful a favorites pretty soon) and a page on animal ethics that is still very much under construction.

I graduated summa cum laude from the University of Central Florida (2007), receiving my BA with Honors in Humanities and a minor in Anthropology, and received my MA from the University of South Florida (2009) in Religious Studies. I previously held positions as an instructor at both of those institutions, along with Valencia College (see Courses Taught), but have taken a break from teaching to work on my PhD at the University of Denver in the Joint Doctoral Program in the Study of Religion.

My areas of research interest include:
  • Philosophy and Religion in Popular Culture
  • Media and Critical Theory
  • Ironic Activism
  • Remix Studies
  • Pirate Politics
  • Religious Dimensions of Alcohol Production/Consumption
  • Apocalyptic Zombie Narratives
  • Absurdist/Existential Fiction
  • Animal and Environmental Ethics
Outside of my formal studies, I like to strum around on my guitar, mandolin, and ukulele, and slowly make my way up Colorado's 14ers. I love to travel, too. I've been a homebrewer since 2008 (and a connoisseur for much longer!) making beer, mead, and cider, and have been fortunate enough to win a few medals in brewing competitions over the years.

I'm also one of the founding editors of an online magazine that engages the intersection between religion and popular culture: Nomos Journal. Follow this link for more information about the journal and guidelines for submission (we're currently undergoing some major changes in content and scope, so stay tuned!).